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Crazy is as Crazy does

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Over the last few years, I've been told I'm crazy by many well meaning people as they watch me push my shopping cart through the grocery store piled high with all three kids. It's quite a feat actually, the trick is you put the infant carrier in the top shelf and then the other two in the seats, that way you leave the main shelf on the bottom open for groceries and out of reach of the kiddos! Anywho apparently the sight is enough to inspire people to either tell me I'm brave... or crazy.

But if I am crazy, it didn't start with the kids. In 2016 Cameron and I felt God’s call to the mission field and with much prayer, guidance from our Church and struggle we began the preparations to leave. Oh the internal turmoil, embracing the change whole heartedly was to practice dying to self. And then the act of actually getting rid of everything you own is enough material for a blog post of its own believe me . But it wasn’t long after we finalized our decision that we found out I was pregnant.

So naturally pregnant me and the hubby continue the course. We sell our home, our furniture, get rid of clothes, pack up the few kitchen items we think we want to put in storage, and continue to prepare for the big move. To add fuel to the fire, there was the time that we were mere weeks away from the closing date of our house (one month away from my due date) and we still hadn’t found a rental that would accept us until we left the country. With the prospect of being a heavily pregnant homeless person seriously looming overhead, I honestly tell you I wasn’t doing well at being calm collected. I was feeling done with waiting on the Lord.

But God .... isn’t that an awesome thing ? But God? He clearly had a plan for us. Literally two weeks before ‘homeless gate’ I found an ad on Kijiji, called the seller, scheduled a viewing, and immediately started to pray . There was a reason we’d been having such a difficult time finding a place... what landlord wants to rent out their space for only 5 months, to a couple who flat out tell you they will be leaving their jobs shortly and have a rambunctious and loud 1 year old chocolate lab to ruin your floors ? I was sweating it!

I remember we arrived, introduced ourselves to the landlord (let’s call him Martin) and began the tour of the house. He was showing us all the renovations he was doing on the house and explaining how the previous tenants had really trashed the place ... I was thinking to myself uh oh... yeah he’s not going to be happy about our dog. We finished the tour upstairs and heading downstairs to see the basement apartment, we were in the very last room when Martin turned to my husband and said he looked very familiar. He asked if Cameron plays the drums and we said yes. Turns out Martin was a member of our church and had heard about our upcoming trip and was familiar with seeing Cameron the “barefoot drummer” as he called him on stage for worship on sundays.

I’ve had a few moments in my life that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has orchestrated. This was certainly one of them the moment Martin told us he went to our Church my heart and face lit up and immediately I started praising the Lord in my mind, I knew at that moment he had come through ... we would have a home in two weeks. I remember looking at Cameron and seeing the same joy reflecting on his face.

So we move in, and a month later we welcome our son Judah.

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